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Welcome to Digineering

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We invite you to browse our site - it can only give you a glimpse of what it is we do, and how we could add value to your business communications


We are a full service design agency from the heart of Johannesburg. We create perfect brands, vibrant identities, outstanding websites and creative concepts.

Digital Marketing
Branding & Identity
Web Publication
Video Production
  • Multimedia

    Graphic Design | 3D Animation | Powerpoints | Web Design | Video

    We specialise in impactful corporate communications like presentations, digital detail aids to deliver the key messaging or your pitch decisively to the target audience, our design and use of elements will bring the message to life and leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

  • Digital Marketing

    Social Media | Emailers | Forms | Invites

    Digital marketing has become the standard for reaching consumers in this technologically advanced society. We understand the technology and can help you optimize and personalize the media and your communication to get you the best exposure possible.

  • Branding & Identity

    Graphic Design | Brochures | Cards | Banners | Adverts | Billboards | Mockups

          We have creative talent and the logic to match to help you create an impactful brand or identity. Understanding branding we can also work within your brand to create whatever you may need, from adverts to brochures and outdoor media.


  • Web Publication

    Websites | Custom development | Emailers

    Using the latest techniques our skilled team of developers and designers will ensure your web presence is strategically rolled out to deliver on your business goals.

  • Video Production

    Motion Graphics | Video Conference | Interviews | TV Adverts

     We offer a one stop solution that entails high end design,3 dimensional animation and video shot on location,audio mix and motion graphics all merged together. Culminating in a dazzling representation of your company a creative documentary,eye-catching TV add, or an explosive onscreen presentation.



Our team is dedicated to your success. We are passionate, educated, experienced and don't forget ... Awesome!

Simon Hill

Senior Designer

Senior Designer/3D animator who has an amazing amount of raw talent that becomes evident in his work, with the technical skills to back it up. "Life’s too short for bad design."



Alicia Rall

Senior Designer

Senior Designer / Developer / Photographer, an eye for detail, and awesome design skills and creativity, across many platforms. "Why be average, if you can be a designer."



Colin Dames

The Boss

Head honcho, with good business acumen , management of people and projects with creative flair to come up with ideas. “I like coming up with solutions, so no matter what the challenge, creative or technical I will make it happen.”

Kirk Botes

Studio Manager

Studio head, who gets things done, with great technical skills and knowledge, creative talent borne from a passion of 3D animation. “Love what you do, and work won’t seem like work.”




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Our wide range of skills and scope of services ensures we have what it takes to add intelligent opinions to your marketing strategy. We strive to understand your business or brand therefore we are able to add value.

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